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Almost half Brits think that condiments should be part of every meal, according to a new survey. But many condiments are crammed with salt or sugar. Often we don't realise and these sauces can have a bigger impact on our daily calories than originally thought.

To help you choose wisely, here's the saucy detail.

KETCHUP One teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon Healthier choice: Make a salsa with chopped tomatoes, coriander and lime juice MAYONNAISE (The fattiest of all condiments) One tablespoon contains 10-12g of fat Healthier choice: Try low-fat yoghurt on its own or mixed with lemon juice and chopped herbs SWEET CHILLI SAUCE Two teaspoons of sugar per tablespoon Healthier choice: Blend 1 red chilli, 2 red peppers, 1cm fresh ginger, four dates and the juice of one line and a pinch of black pepper MUSTARD One teaspoon contains 0.43g of salt Healthier choice: Mustard powder is the best alternative - add water and it is practically salt-free SOY SAUCE Each tablespoon has nearly half the recommended daily amount of salt Healthier choice: Low-salt options are not healthy either, so it is best to reduce the quantity you use. Pour into a teaspoon rather than direct from the bottle

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