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"Fi is a brilliant, dedicated, caring PT and great class Instructor! Always pushing and always smiling. I would highly recommend". *****

The best Personal Trainer I have come across. With Fi's sessions I became comfortable in going to the gym and doing workouts. She makes the workouts interesting and flexible with my work schedule. I totally recommend Fi." *****

The best Personal Trainer I have come across. With Fi's sessions I became comfortable in going to the gym and doing workouts. She makes the workouts interesting and flexible with my work schedule. I totally recommend Fi." *****

"Fi is a fantastic class Instructor and PT. She is professional, engaging and always keeps sessions fun by changing what we do. More recently she has helped me during pregnancy with her prenatal exercise programme." *****

"Since lockdown, Fi has had to adapt to life outside the gym and now offers a wide range of virtual classes on Zoom. If you haven't tried one yet then what are you waiting for? They are challenging and fun at the same time." *****

"Fantastic Trainer I have known Fi half of my life and she is always bright and bubbly. Gives the right amount of push and is there to help just in case you almost drop a dumbbell! Brilliant PT, mixes it up and keeps you on your toes." *****

"Fantastic PT - I needed that little push to take my training and weight loss to the next level. Fi makes every session interesting, different and fun. If you are serious about your training goals then I highly recommend Fi to help you achieve them." *****

"Fiona is an amazing PT with really good knowledge across the board. She has the ability to be creative and make workouts different, tough and fun all at the same time. She's a pleasure to work with and really makes training enjoyable. Would highly recommend Fiona to anyone looking to start training or improve their fitness." *****

"Someone who is very passionate about the industry, who shares a wealth of information around nutrition and delivers good quality classes too." *****

"Fi is an amazing Trainer - I couldn't recommend her highly enough! She is professional, passionate and a great motivator. I've trained with Fi virtually for 5 months and she has been so supportive and always communicative. Thank you Fi!" *****

"Fi is an excellent Trainer - as well as being very knowledgeable she is also approachable and has an enthusiasm for helping people which makes the workouts fun. If you are a little self-conscious and worried about going to the gym then don't be; Fi will quickly put you at your ease and help you achieve your fitness goals." *****

"Fi is an amazing PT, her enthusiasm keeps you motivated! She offers really effective virtual classes and always keeps the content fresh to keep you on your toes. I have been with Fi for over two years, once you start you never want to leave." *****

"Fi is an absolute star - a gem of a human, so passionate about helping people with their health and fitness and really focused and committed to helping you achieve your goals. She's personal, approachable and just thrives on what she does. Can't recommend her enough!" *****

"Fiona as a PT is very approachable, friendly and has the ability to put you completely at ease. She creates workouts that are varied, challenging but fun at the same time, and will have you smiling throughout. She has an extensive knowledge in the fitness industry, and I would highly recommend contacting her if you wish to see some results." *****

"Fi is an awesome PT and Instructor. Her classes are varied and fun. Her welcoming and professional approach means that her classes are accessible to people with all levels of fitness. Her commitment to offering live zoom classes during Covid during the last 11 months has meant that so many people have benefited from continuing to keep active as well as providing them with a feeling of being part of the fitness community. Fi really does care about her clients and I would highly recommend becoming part of Team Fi." *****

"Fi is a beast - in the nicest way possible! After my first session with her I couldn't walk. A brilliant coach and a lovely person, even when she is putting you through pain". *****

"I have been working with Fi over this latest lockdown and it has been the best decision I've made! Fi always manages to find a way to keep me motivated to push myself. I am definitely leaving lockdown the fittest I have been in ages! Thanks Fi." *****

"Whether you’re starting on your fitness journey or thinking of taking things to the next level, I cannot recommend Fi highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable and completely focused on helping her clients achieve their individual goals. Workouts are perfectly tailored and designed to be challenging but fun. Fi has the most endearing personality and strives to make training a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You will find that working out is suddenly much more fun. If you’re serious about improving your fitness, I thoroughly recommend you give Fi a call." *****

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