• Fi Dean


You have made the decision to change and are looking for that extra bit of guidance with your training, but who do you trust your wellbeing to? Do you choose the youngest Trainer? Perhaps your eyes get drawn to the one who has the biggest muscles? Maybe you are considering the one that hosts the largest number of followers on social media? Or do you look for something deeper, like a wealth of knowledge and experience?

There is only one answer: You choose who YOU want. It is not up to anyone else but do consider some important factors when making that crucial choice:

- Do they have recognised qualifications which will ensure your safety?

- Are the fully insured and are they competent with First Aid?

- How long have they been an active Personal Trainer and is this their full time job or something they do on the side for extra cash?

- Watch them carefully with other clients. Is this the Trainer you can imagine being with?

- Will the Trainer you choose be a positive investment and will they improve your life? How?

- Does this Trainer offer anything alongside the Personal Training sessions? Will you get help with nutrition? Will you be given programmes? Will you also be part of their fitness community and belong to a team?

I implore you... please choose wisely. Find the perfect match.

Fi. x

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