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Updated: Apr 9

If you are looking for ways to improve your mindset, here is one just for you! A random act of kindness is a non premeditated inconsistent action designed to offer warmth to the outside world. As human beings, we should practice this remarkable gift of compassion.

Could you donate to a food bank next time you are in the supermarket? Perhaps you could rake the leaves in your neighbours garden or take their waste out. Maybe you are a keen baker and could surprise someone with a treat. When you are out for a coffee next, why not buy the person behind you a drink. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, think of those sleeping rough; could a sleeping bag or jumper bring a smile to their face? Old towels and blankets are always welcomed at animal shelters. Calls to friends and family are always appreciated, even if there is no reason for the call.

There are many kind acts we can deliver to show that we care. Not only will the person on the receiving end of your gesture feel wonderful, you too will feel a sense of good will. Remember, that even the smallest of acts can have the biggest effects. Become a better person and learn to give.

Fi x


Personal Trainer smiling at camera eating soup
Personal Trainer Fi on Wellbeing Retreat

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