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Updated: Apr 10

Are you looking for stress management techniques? If you are experiencing stress, don't hide from it! Instead, consider ways to make your world a happier place. There are many ways to try to reduce these negative emotions. One way is through technology. Whilst I am not a fan of encouraging the use of devices, apps such as Calm and Headspace can provide an interesting platform to start your daily meditation.

Do any of these apply to you?

- Build self esteem

- Improve performance

- Reduce anxiety

- Better sleep

- Develop gratitude

- Increase happiness

- Reduce stress

- Become more active

- Stay focused

- Try something new

It has been scientifically proven that just 10 days of 'headspace' can increase happiness by 16%. Listen. Learn. Reflect. Help is out there. Both apps mentioned above provide a 7 day free trial. See which suits you best and then consider taking out an annual membership. Your mindset is so important. Look at this as an investment. This is for YOU.

Happy meditation!

Fi. x


Personal training group exercise session on a beach at sunset
Fi instructing an exercise class on the beach in Cornwall

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