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Updated: Apr 10

Another lockdown - the perfect chance to empty the contents of my bag ready for when the gym reopens. In the week leading up to the closure of the gym, everything was manic. I basically crammed six days worth of work into three. My bag didn't stand a chance!

I must admit, this time around it is no where near as bad as when I tipped the contents out last time. 22 pens was my most impressive haul to date! No wonder the gym staff were always scrambling around desperately searching for something to write with. A count of 13 pens this time is not as spectacular but I am sure I can go on another ink heist soon!

As I delve into the depths of each pocket, I am stunned with how many random notes I have collected, half of which I have no idea what I was on about! Class schedules, session plans, nutritional notes, client's measurements, shopping lists, don't forget memos... The best being a message: DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS! Ummmm, do what? Did I do it? Note to self: Pop a new notepad in my bag and use this rather than reaching for the nearest scrap of paper!

Next, I discover three crusty screwed up items of clothing. I think they could do with a wash! For those who know me, I get cold very easily so multiple layers is a must, especially when I am working late. I also instruct classes so having a change of clothing is vital if my clients are to enjoy their training sessions!

Two different headphones, a phone to stereo connector, portable Bluetooth music system, first aid kit, numerous forms for my GP Referral, a tape measure and blood pressure machine, a beginner's guide to TRX exercises which I lent to a client, a watch which I thought I had lost, a banded hip circle, a protein bar which is out of date, an empty packet of protein crisps, my children's school report, multiple hairbands, which coincidentally I wear on my wrist and not in my hair, my gym key and an emergency make up bag containing five items; mascara, eyeliner, foundation, perfume and, yes you have guessed it, my red lipstick!

And finally, something I could not live without... my paper diary! My days and nights can be crazy busy and I need to know where I am meant to be at all times. In a bag full of chaos, this one item provides me with the sanctuary of organisation.

A completely random blog for a very ordinary lockdown day!

Fi. x


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Workbooks - exercising the mind

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