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Updated: Apr 10

Rewind nine years to when I was sat in a room with a dozen other wannabe Personal Trainers. I remember it well. My Future Fit Training Tutor was perched on the edge of the table ahead of us and asked two questions, which I realise now, were the foundation blocks of my business.

Anthony addressed us all and asked, "have you thought what you would call yourself and is it relatable to you?" This made me think. Could I use my name in my branding? TEAMFI was my initial response, however, after carefully considering this name I thought it may attract more females than males and I wanted to attract both sexes equally. This is when TEAMFITNESS was born. My name would still be in there but it also represented my desire to bring a team together to keep fit. Although I was in the very early stages of my training, I knew that this name would be carried forward.

Above, I mentioned that there was a second question. I will always be thankful to Anthony for this. He asked, "what can you do to stand out from all the other Personal Trainer's out there; what makes YOU different?" I listened intently to suggestions the group brought forward but kept very quiet as my mind began to race and I didn't want anyone to copy my idea! Can you guess what it was?

RETREATS! I knew that one day I would like to be able to take a group of clients away for a weekend and participate in fun activities together. It didn't happen straight away. I had to be patient whilst I built my client base and establish my reputation. Fast forward a few years to when I was on holiday sat opposite my parents at dinner... Holding my fourth or fifth glass of rum, I suddenly blurted out: "I am going to do it! When we get back home I am going to plan a retreat." This is how the conversation went on:

"Don't be daft, no one will pay to do that," my Mum said.

Dad: "I know you will put your heart into it. You are tenacious so you will succeed."

This is all the motivation I needed. The negativity from one person saying that I couldn't do something and then the positivity from another only fuelling my fire. Thanks guys!

Lesson from this story: You can put your mind to anything. All you need to do is try your best.

Fi. x


group on sealife safari - orange boat
First ever retreat - weekend in Cornwall

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