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Nine years ago, I found myself among a group of aspiring Personal Trainers, seated in a room buzzing with anticipation. Anthony, our Future Fit Training Tutor, posed two pivotal questions that would later become the cornerstone of my business.

"Have you considered what you would name yourself, and is it reflective of who you are?" Anthony's inquiry struck a chord within me. Contemplating the prospect of branding with my name, I initially leaned towards 'TEAMFI.' However, a deeper reflection led me to realise the importance of inclusivity. Thus, TEAMFITNESS was conceived, embodying not only my identity but also my vision to unite individuals in their pursuit of fitness. Even in those nascent stages of my career, I recognised the enduring significance of this name.

Anthony's second question resonated deeply: "What sets you apart from other Personal Trainers? What makes YOU unique?" As my peers voiced their ideas, I remained silent, harbouring a burgeoning concept that I feared would be replicated. Can you guess what it was?

FITNESS RETREATS! The notion of organising retreats for my clients had long simmered in my mind. While it didn't materialise immediately, I patiently cultivated my clientele and reputation. Then, during a holiday conversation with my parents, inspiration struck. Amidst the clinking of glasses, I declared my intent to plan a retreat upon our return. Scepticism met my mother's ears, but my father's unwavering faith ignited a flame within me. Their contrasting reactions only fuelled my determination.

This anecdote underscores a timeless lesson: the power of belief in oneself. In the face of scepticism, unwavering resolve can fuel remarkable achievements. With TEAMFITNESS and XPLR RETREATS, I invite you to embrace this ethos, knowing that with dedication and perseverance, anything is attainable.

Fi. x



group on sealife safari - orange boat
First ever retreat - weekend in Cornwall

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