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Poor flexibility is a huge problem for people who are attempting to get back into shape because they often exercise without priming their muscles for the activity ahead. If you don't get blood flowing to your muscles, your body won't move as well and you'll risk tearing something. Stretching prepares muscles, joints and connective tissues for your workout as well as improving blood flow. When performed correctly, it can even stabilize your body's critical core of abdominal, lower back and gluteal muscles that are engaged in nearly every moment you make. Research has found that flexibility can improve your strength by increasing your range of motion and lengthening your muscles, therefore allowing you to lift more weights and produce more force. Being flexible is crucial to good overall health and remaining pain free, especially as you get older. What can you do? Well, stretch! Stretch in the mornings, at work, pre- and post- workout, when you get home, before bed - wherever you can fit it in. No one has ever said they feel bad from stretching! Give it a go, be consistent with it and enjoy the benefits it will give you.

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