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Ensuring you get your five - or more - fruit and veg a day is an age-old health hack but here is one more reason to keep at it. As well as tackling everything from warding off disease to boosting skin health, new studies have found a link between fruit and veg intake and lowered stress levels. Researchers analysing the health habits of more than 8500 people aged between 25 and 91 found that those who ate 470g of fruit and veg daily, (equivalent to around six pieces), had 10% lower stress levels than those who consumed less than 230g. While it is unclear exactly why, researchers believe it is down to the foods key nutrients, such as their vitamins, flavonoids and carotenoids, which all help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress - factors which can lead to increased stress and anxiety, and lower mood.

For all the ladies out there: Women's mental health is, according to a new study, more closely linked to diet than men's. It is noted that poor dietary habits, such as eating fast food, skipping breakfast and over consuming caffeine and high-glycaemic foods, were more strongly associated with mental distress in women compared to men. A health lifestyle, featuring fruit, dark leafy veg and exercise, could for women in particular, be the first line of defence against mental distress.

Out with the beige - in with the colour! Eat well. Stress less.

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