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Not too long ago, Doctors were of the mind that we should slow things down as we get older; to allow HIIT and impact sports to gather layers of grey dust in the attic and resign themselves to glacial jogs around the park or a gentle round of golf. To be fair to them, exercise physiology weighed in on their side. By the age of 40 for example, a man's metabolism would have slowed by 4% since they officially became an adult, meaning that they can't burn calories at the rate they once did.

The natural deterioration of muscle mass that starts when we are about 25, results in us losing a full 2.5kg of muscle by the time we are 50. The result, as you may have guessed, is the dreaded middle age spread. That's of course, if you idly stand by. The wiser person of action, however, will find themselves ideally physically primed to reignite their metabolism and add slabs of brand new functional muscle to their frame.

The fittest years of your life lie ahead. Start making plans now for the New Year. Come up with a workout programme - stick to it - see the results. When in doubt, contact me for support or training. I am ready to help you achieve your goals.

FACT: Did you know that if you gain just one pound of muscle, that's an extra 50 calories you will burn every day.

Happy Training!

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